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Ice Filtration


Rich flavour of grapefruit, complemented
by fresh, bright lemon notes.

AMGFrozen, Smooth & Carbon

500ml | 700ml | 1000ml
40% Alc.
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Good Times


Every big deal happens on the table

FORTUNAPremium Gold Vodka

500ml | 700ml | 1000ml
40% Alc.
23 Carat Gold
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a bold harmony

of intense tastes

The Middle Ages were a time of brave warriors and exquisite
beauties, mighty kings and equally imperious queens.

Queen GINRose & White

500ml | 700ml
40% Alc.
Roses and
Juniper Berries
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An essence of artful


France as a region has always been known for its age old
traditions and skilled and accomplished blenders.

Mount BlancVodka

500ml | 700ml | 1000ml
40% Alc.
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Glorious Inclusion

for all occasions

Appending this magnificent Giorgio G white gold
vodka from the house of Gucci.

Giorgio GWhite Gold Vodka

40% Alc.
Ugni Blanc Grapes
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Madness Oro

It is produced using the finest crystal creating a style that is
best described as luxurious and glamorous.

VersaceGold & Silver Vodka

500ml | 750ml
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Pure and Elegant

Expressions of Heartbeat

Acknowledging, the significance of creating memories and coming together.
Introducing to you the finest French wine – Pere Ventura.

Pere Ventura

a World

of tastes

Silly Scotch was born from a unique tradition and,
throughout the years, has grown into a reference
beer for its particular style

SillyScotch & La Divine

25cl, 30L & 50L
40% Alc.
Organic Malt
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Eclectic Mix

of natural flavours

The natural flavours are rendered from cereals
and spices that constitute the drinks.

Belgica BeerPale Ale & Craft IPA

40% Alc.
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Expand your Choice

of finest whiskies

High quality products in line from Japan,
the third largest producer of whisky in the world.

Japanese WhiskyBaraky, Kokushi & Belluna

500ml & 750ml
40% Alc.
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Nano Filtration


Dausuz, a product of nano-filtration,
its mineral composition is unaffected,
proving it ideal for regular usage.

DausuzMineral Water

0.5L & 0.75L
Clean Water
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