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Spirit of Kinship

About Loch Lomond

The clans of Scotland have survived for centuries and although belonging to a clan today is quite a different experience to the one you may have had 300 or 400 years ago, many of the traditional values and feelings are the same.

While the term “Clan” means family or children in Scots gaelic, not everyone in the same clan was actually related to one another. The clan structure however embodied a feeling of unity and strength, a spirit of togetherness and friendship and one which allowed the Clansmen to have control over their designated land.

The spirit of kinship is reflected in our range of Loch Lomond whiskies-to be enjoyed on their own and also shared with others!

Loch Lomond


Bringing to you a deluxe blended whisky – Loch Lomond. This intense and Smooth blend is created after a long and slow maturation and then married and conditioned in 100-barrel cask solera, very aromatic to nose. The taste has smoky quality once the darker fruit notes subside. The structure of this surprisingly malty pallate remains throughout but with the layers of ripe pears with cinnamon, ginger and dark sugar notes.

San Francisco World Spirits CompetitionDouble Gold Award 2019

International Wine & Spirit CompetitionGold Outstanding 2019