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Luxury Liquor

About Giorgio G

Giorgio G – Glorious inclusion for all occasions

Appending this magnificent Giorgio G white gold vodka from the house of Gucci. Assuring a luxury experience of rich blends with a smooth sipping experience produced from Ugni Blanc grapes from the Grande champagne area. It acquires a deep gold colour flavour with the hints of Honeysuckle, Plum Vanilla, Anise and Nutmeg that lays emphasis on a definite Impactful unique taste.


White Gold

This special limited addition is a fragile sipping cognac. The kind popular with soap opera villains. A value for money product to enhance your evening to serve and share this luxury experience with your exceptional guests & friends on special occasions. This glorious opulence from Gucci would add spectacular colour of memories of good taste and luxury at the same time.

40% Alcohol Volume