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Mineral Water

About Dausuz

Dausuz is the purest, finest drink that you can ever find. With careful concern on the purity and quality of drink, the premium brand- Dausuz Mountain Water, Russian brand of impeccably clean water is bottled after careful filtration and preserved intact for your consumption. With Eco-Friendly packaging, the brand is among world premium standards. This mountain waters are even medicinal, highly recommended by doctors as perfect drinks. Dausuz, a product of nano-filtration, its mineral composition is unaffected, proving it ideal for regular usage. Containing hydro carbonate sodium-magnesium-calcium. Dausuz is ideal for rehydrating the body after physical exertion. The bottling process is planned at Dausuz in Europe, the ideal reason for the European brand name.


Mineral Water

Dausuz is young and almost the only one truly premium Russian brand of drinking mineral water. Such a statement based on a deep and comprehensive approach to product creation. Result of many years Labor was Dausuz Water, which is not inferior to recognized world premium brands mineral water by none of the premium standards, the main of which are: mountain origin, composition correct bottling technology Eco-friendly and beautiful and packaging.

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